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Build a design brief

Tell us about your business and what you need designed. Take your time. The more details, the better your designs.

What do you need designed?

Beard & Comb needs a new logo

Which styles do you like?


Pick a design package

Choose the design package that's right for you. Quick tip, the larger the prize, the more designer entries you'll have.


Creative designs on a budget


Best value for money


Attract expert designers


Work only with the best


Launch your contest

We share your design contest with our community of more than 1,128,000 designers. From Berlin to Bombay, professional designers will brainstorm ideas just for you.

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Maine, USA
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Milan, ITALY
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Tokyo, JAPAN
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Beard & Comb


Receive dozens of designs

Designers submit designs to your contest round the clock. Log into your 99designs account each day to see their designs, and let them know what hits the mark.


Give feedback

Use ratings, comments and private messages to help designers shape their ideas to your needs. The more detailed your feedback, the easier it will be to bring your design to life.


Pick your favorite

After 7 days, choose the winner of your design contest. Your designer gets the prize money and you get full design copyright. Now download your design and make it work hard for you!

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Met a designer you love?

If you’ve already met a designer on 99designs, you can work with them directly using Projects.
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