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Frequently Asked Questions

Contests run for seven days by default, but if you find it takes a little longer to flesh out ideas, don’t feel pressured by the contest timeframe as we can extend this for you. A standard design contest typically begins with a qualifying round (4 days), where you'll see designs start to come in - remember, good design takes time! Then your contest will enter a final round (3 days) where your shortlisted designers will make adjustments based on your feedback. Then it's on to selecting a winner!
Absolutely! Here's some recent contests.
If you don't like a design in your contest, you can decline the design which will remove it. This indicates to the designer that the design isn't on track with what you're looking for.
After you’ve chosen your contest winner, you enter the handover stage of the contest. When you’re satisfied with the design files, you can approve the files and release payment to the designer.

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