There’s a famous rule in real estate that’s as simple as ABC: Always Business Cards. Okay, it’s actually Always Be Closing, but having a good business card is so important in the real estate business that it should be a rule.

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Real estate sales is a face-to-face business. Your business card isn’t just a convenient way to display your contact info (although that is important). It’s a way to make your customers remember you. Clients, whether they’re looking to buy or sell property, collect business cards from scores of realtors, before deciding who to go with. A well-designed card helps you stand out from that crowd.

Real estate business cards, ironically, don’t have a lot of real estate. You have to fit your name, your company’s logo, a phone number, email, and possibly a website on there. So you need to make the most out of the little space you’ve got. It’s a lot to balance, whether you’re just creating a business card, or a whole brand identity from scratch. So let’s take a look at some real estate business cards to see if we can find the right design to inspire you.

A roof over your head

One of the oldest and clearest symbols of the safety and comfort of home is the roof. It’s what keeps you dry in the rain and cool in the sun. A roof without walls is a gazebo; walls without a roof? That’s just crazy.

A lot of realtors utilize this symbol, but don’t let that deter you. If your brand is meant to appeal to families, a classic look lends a sense of stability and contentment that they’re looking for. This is especially true for first-time home buyers, who need to be guided through every step of the process. You should begin with a business card that holds their hand.

Kelly Group Real Estate business card
Business card design by ammarsgd
KearnsPaara Group business card
Business card design by harodsgn™
Business card design by deaici.
Business card design by enfanterrible.
Business card design by jenbear.
Business card design by ONIC.


The city never sleeps, and neither do realtors. When you’re all about the modernism and excitement of the city, a bold, minimalistic cityscape business card strikes just the right note.

The nice thing about a skyline is, it’s one of the few logo designs that works just as well in portrait as in landscape on the back of a business card. This allows for more versatility and creativity in the design of your business card.

Business card design by artscience.
Business card design by CreativeThinking.
Bluesage Realty business card
Business card design by Eduard.M
Wlechmann Real Estate business card
Business card design by Valmark
Novapoint Investment business cards
Business card design by AWESOME SUCCESS
Business card design by FriendlyLabel.
Office complex logo & business card
Business card design by Greedin
Mountain & city logo
Business card design by **Faith**

Location, location, location

It’s not just about what property you’re selling, but where it is you’re selling.

Consider what’s unique about the area you cover, whether it’s a neighborhood, a city, or an entire region. Now imagine someone moving here from the other side of the country, or even the world. Don’t you want a logo that highlights what makes your properties special?

aussieLA Real Estate business card
Business card design by harodsgn™
Independent Property Planners, Australia, business cards
Business card design by Ideoplosan
Emerald Coast Lifestyles business card
Business card design by AlexSa
Venture properties logo
This logo evokes the mountainous region where Venture sells homes. Brand identity pack designed by Milica Milosevski
Jet & skyline logo
Seattle is also known as the “jet city,” which inspired this business card design by stevanga

Show the property

In realty, the most important step in selling a home or building is showing it. It’s a pretty simple principle.

The same principle applies to your card. What do you specialize in? Homes? Commercial buildings? Apartment complexes? A clear visual on your card indicates the type of realtor you are. This can be especially helpful if you represent an unusual category of real estate.

Business card design by magicball.
Business card design by Ok Lis.
brixwood vintage business card
Business card design by Sign²in.
Garomac Propiedades business card
Business card design by Bion
Waypoint Property Inspection business card
Business card design by Felix SH

Abstract qualities

Sometimes the nature of your agency is ineffable. Or perhaps it’s always changing; that’s not too unusual in real estate. An abstract business card allows you to be different and keep your brand identity consistent in an ever shifting market.

But it doesn’t have to be totally abstract. It only takes a few lines to imply the shape of a skyscraper or a house, while still retaining the dynamism of an abstract business card.

Flower design business card
This flowery logo nevertheless evokes the image of a home with square windows and a sloped roof. Business card design by ISartIStry
T2 PROPERTY business card
This logo combines the company name (T2) with an abstract representation of a roof. (see above). Business card design by sangayu
Business card design by visualcurve.
Business card design by svart ink.
Business card design by ionutp.
Business card design by daicano.

What’s in a name?

One way to help clients remember your (or your company’s) name is to turn the name into the logo itself. (This is called a “wordmark.”)

What’s great about a striking wordmark is, it helps people remember the name even when they’re not holding your business card. If a former client has a friend or family member who’s looking to buy a new property, they’re that much more likely to recommend you over someone else.

In terms of style, a wordmark keeps things simple. The lack of a logo as such feels classy. If the properties you represent are more upscale, this might be the look you want.

King's Estate Asia identity pack
Business card design by Ian Douglas
Business card design by goreta.
Business card design by Corne.
Paulsen & Company business card
Business card design by CreativeKing
Kimberly Slevin business cards
Business card design by Gravigo
Aspen Luxury Brokers business cards
Business card design by maaaark
Crown logo for a real estate company
This crown logo evokes the company name, LePrince. Business card design by SiMar
Colorful text logo
Business card design by Terry Bogard

Personal touch

If you want to know if you can trust someone, you look them in the eye. But you can’t always be there to look your clients in the eye. So, a photo is a great way to show you’re trustworthy and able to find the best home for your client.

A picture business card creates a human touch. More than anything, realty is about relationships, and showing your face makes you more relatable.

And let’s face it, most people aren’t good with names, and there are a lot of realtors out there. Putting a face on your card helps potential clients remember you. A real estate business card with a photo is literally putting “a face with a name.”

Dorani Real Estate Team
Business card design by Galaxiya
Balanced Realtors Business Card
Business card design by Hadeel Tarek
Business card design by conceptu.

Carry your brand in your pocket

As a realtor, you want to see your logo everywhere, as big as outdoor marketing, as personal as a business card in your hand. Now that you’ve seen some of the things you can do to create a memorable business card, take a look at our many great designers to find one who will help bring your business card design home.

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