Have you ever seen a house like the one below before? Of course you have—not in reality but in logo design. The world of real estate logos is littered with sloping roofs and square windows, suspended in abstract space or agglomerated onto one another in physically baffling clusters. They’re ubiquitous, they’re boring and they make for an awfully generic brand mark.

generic real estate logo
This stock real estate logo on sale at Shutterstock looks all too familiar

Let’s be real about this. Many designers and real estate agents, in a moment of failing inspiration, have fallen back on such a generic concept. It happens. But that’s no excuse to settle.

generic real estate logos
Some not-so-inspiring search results for real estate logos

Like all business, those in the real estate realm should be seeking uniqueness, clarity and memorability in their branding. So how do you go beyond the overused and generic images of houses, skyscrapers and rooftops? Here we’ve got lots of creative examples of people who got creative with their real estate, property and mortgage company logos.

Real estate logos that use initials creatively

In a creative rut? Looking to company initials is often smart, as letterforms can open up a number of interesting possibilities. Of course, don’t just stop at the initials themselves; use them in a novel or unexpected way! Are there details from a specific type of property you can bring into the logo? If you manage an Art Deco building, then perhaps you should have a logo inspired Art Deco architecture! 

victory real estate logo
by feltresco

Trendy real estate logos

Some logo trends transcend industry. Vintage lettering, logo badges, line art… if you want to look hip give one of these logo styles looks a try. These can be especially impactful if they pair with your brand identity. A vintage logo might not be great for a commercial mortgage broker, but could be perfect for a property company specializing in historic homes. 

vintage real estate logo
by :: scott ::

Real estate logos with a sense of place

Most real estate firms basically do the same thing; this much cannot be denied. So when you’re searching for a unique visual identity, consider your company’s local culture, skylines and iconic architecture. This will often produce the unique real estate logo and brand identity you’re looking for.

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Descriptive real estate logos with creative names

Tired of finding unique ways to incorporate buildings into your real estate logo design? Switch gears and play with your company’s name instead. Plenty of real estate companies have noteworthy names—why not have some fun with that instead?


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This article was originally published in 2015. It’s since been updated with new information and examples.